Three ways to boost your confidence right now

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Lolita Cordin
4 min readAug 25, 2021


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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Be more naked

Being naked is great for confidence. It feels awkward at first but who cares, right? It is our natural state and it should feel right.

Photo by Lolita Cordin

It is a great exercise to boost your confidence. It teaches you to get used to yourself and start feeling beautiful without hiding behind the clothes. Just like many other people I used to think that a new outfit will make me prettier and that was such a mistake. It is not clothing that makes us confident it’s us. If you feel nice about yourself you do no longer have a need for shopping. I still buy clothes sometimes but I do not give them any importance. Buying something you need is okay but buying it to make you feel better is not.

Nudity is the best medicine for those who suffer from low self-esteem. It naturally heals your feelings over time and teaches you to love yourself from the inside out. The more years you practice it the more confident you grow to be. There is no limit to self-love.

Nudity taught me so much confidence, I feel great around people and no matter what I wear I radiate positivity and confidence. I can wear a potato bag and I know people like me regardless. Clothing is so overrated, it is scary how much importance people give it.

Learn to accept your strengths and flaws

Everybody has something he or she doesn't like about his body. I was never an exception. I perfectly know what I am genetically prone to, where and how I get fat, or what body parts are not my strength by far. Can I correct the way I appear to look with the right choice of clothing? Sure. Does it fix the problem? No, it temporarily masks it.

What I learned is that accepting your strengths is easy. Accepting your flaws is a…



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