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Lolita Cordin
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Meditation is being in present

What meditation means to me

Meditation has become a trendy thing and it is not going away. People talk about. I am pretty sure some of us don’t really know what it is about though. For instance, last week I met with my friends for dinner and we spoke about meditation and why it is so popular. I realized literally none of them knew what meditation is really about and how to achieve meditative states.

In my own words, meditation is being in present. We are usually preoccupied with thinking about the past and the future. Present just doesn’t exist for most people.

When you meditate your mind is focusing on here and now. You always have thoughts and you can’t prevent having them but you can ignore them. When thoughts enter your mind let them leave it as fast. Do not think about your thoughts and do not lose your focus which is present.

My experience

There are multiple ways to achieve that state of clear mind. You can do guided meditation, transcendental meditation, mantra meditation, or any other.

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What works the best for me is ice meditation (or extreme meditation). It all started with a cold plunge and breathing with Wim Hof and his inspiring method. Besides I soak my feet in ice water (without pain) while meditating. I can control more what I feel by controlling my vascular system and my mind.

I normally soak my feet in extremely cold water (1.4 c) and I meditate. I try to progress and add a minute each day for my practice. I don’t want to push myself too hard because meditation is not a competition it’s is recognizing that you are in the present and the time does not exist. You are in control of being in present.


To me, true meditation is achieved through extreme training. If you can’t concentrate in normal…



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