Five reasons why I became a nudist

Inspirational thoughts about nudists and why nudists stay super healthy this pandemic

Lolita Cordin
4 min readAug 7, 2021


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Despite the pandemic, the nudist community stays strong. Seeing that nothing can bring us down makes me proud.

Despite incredibly hard times, nudists did not give up on life. They are very healthy not only in terms of the body but also in terms of mental health. There are plenty of health benefits of being a nudist. Is it just the vitamin D that keeps us rolling or it’s the power of our minds? What is the key to the success of our community? Here are some reasons why nudists are thriving and why they are an inspiration.

Photo by Lolita Cordin

High self-esteem, no need for brand clothes

It is one of the reasons why I consider nudism the best decision in my life. Being a nudist is a brave thing. Not everybody has the confidence to be able to be naked publicly. Clothes are like masks, they only hide true you. Being naked is fearless. It is a sign of confidence.

We are born free from any limitations. The older we become the more fears we have, the more clothes we put on. Nudists don’t get obsessed with clothes and can save money during the pandemic.

Science over nonsense

We don’t just cover our bodies, we cover our faces from now on. Most people believe in masks because it gives them false security. It was proven that masks don’t protect anybody from viruses, but who cares. It is important to be a good little soldier and follow the guidelines even if masks are useless and bad for your lungs. According to a new study by Chinese scientists, masks cause plastic fiber inhalation. The researchers tested different masks and confirm that because of their structure they all increase the daily intake of harmful fibers. Inhaling those fibers could potentially cause a lot of problems long term. Maybe nudists are staying healthy because they think for themselves? They don’t need clothes or masks to feel more safe and confident. They believe in science.

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